Stac Pollaidh

  • Altitude: 612m
  • Ascent: 510m
  • Walk time: 2-4 hours
  • From Ullapool: 14.7 miles

Follow the path from the Stac Pollaidh car park heading up towards the first gate. The path climbs uphill through shrub and trees before reaching open moorland. The route is well constructed around the mountain helping to stop the erosion on the relatively soft sandstone.

Continuing uphill the views get better looking to Cul Beag, Sgurr Tuath and over loch Lurgainn. You will reach a fork in the pitched path. Keep right here and continue uphill on the main path as it follows the eastern shoulder of the mountain (the left fork is the route back down).

Views of Cul Mor soon come into sight, and at the crest you’ll get your first glimpse of Suilven and the spectacular wilderness to the north. As you reach a junction where the circuit path continues around the base of the mountain, there is the main path that keeps left. Follow this well made path up the steep ascent to the ridge of Stac Pollaidh’s eastern peak.

Descend back down the path back to the junction with the circuit path. Here turn left to continue round the dramatic western tower of Stac Pollaidh and back down the mountain to the junction passed earlier. Eventually you will pass through a gate in the deer fence and rejoin the same outward path which leads back to the car park.

sunset colours in the sky from on top of stac pollaidh, near ullapool
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